Candy-Coloured Sweatpants


Few items can replace your favourite pair of worn-in heather gray sweats, but this year, defined by couch clothing, the demand for sweatpants in various colours, including pastels and juicy bolds, is solid. Blame it on the idea that, once we felt comfortable going outside again, our commitment to comfort didn’t waver.

Sweatpants are reaching a jeans-like status as almost anything can go with a pair of simple sweats. Initially, sweatpants were used as pants for cosying up on the couch, then as gym outfits, but in 2021 they’re much more than that. The secret to the current fashion trend in sweatpants is not to look frumpy – enter the candy-coloured sweatpants, the cheapest way to make you look and feel like a fashion icon.




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